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Friends of Israel is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to educating people around the world about the truth behind some of the common misconceptions surrounding the State of Israel, and to raising up Friends of Israel that will be willing to stand with her in facing a constant barrage of attacks.  Israel needs friends that will stand alongside its citizens in face of a deliberate stream of misinformation and unwarranted propaganda. Israel needs friends who come and learn the truth first-hand.
Amb. Rami Levi, PhD - CEO

Dr. Rami Levi is considered one of the top world experts in national tourism infrastructure, tourism strategy development and marketing implementation.  He is also a renowned expert in international crisis public relations and turn-around management. As such, Levi spearheaded the change of the Israel Government’s global tourism strategy, which increased tourism from 900,000 tourists in 2003 to 3.5 million tourist 2010; all the while adding billions in foreign investments. 

Levi served as the head of the Israel Marketing Administration of the Israel Ministry of Tourism, leading the changes in Israel’s tourism industry that resulted in a record 3.5 million tourists. Recognized as an expert in international crisis public relations and turn-around management, Levi served in this role from 2004 to 2006, one of the most difficult times in Israel’s modern history; bringing a turn-around to the agency both by developing global marketing campaigns that created record increases in revenues and by engaging in negotiations with multi- billion dollar corporations to invest in Israel. In this effort, Levi recruited key leaders in numerous divergent ethnic and religious communities, developing campaigns to help these constituencies impact the economy of Israel.

In September 2006, the Government of Israel appointed Rami Levi as Special Emissary to the Evangelical Communities, recognizing the vital need to maintain Israel’s strong relationship with the Evangelical Christian community. This special appointment recognizes Rami’s expertise in international marketing and public relations, his long history working with the Evangelical Christian community, and the strategic importance of Israel’s relations with the Evangelical community around the world. He served in five different diplomatic positions in Europe and the U.S.

Over the course of his career with the Government of Israel, Rami Levi served in five different diplomatic positions in Europe, North America and South America.  His assignments included postings as Israel's tourism Ambassador to North & South America, and as Israel’s Special Emissary to the Christian Community.  During his tenure, Ambassador Levi spearheaded a number of international projects on behalf of Israel such as “Opening the Skies,” an initiative with the goal of recruiting, negotiating with and convincing major airlines to begin or increase air routes to Israel.  He was successful in concluding agreements with TUI, Delta, Continental, US Airways and several European airlines; as well as recruiting a significant number of investments in Israel.

During the millennium, Levi partnered with the Rev. Dr. Robert Schuler of the Crystal Cathedral to lead the world’s largest millennium event.

Born in Jerusalem, Levi has a bachelor’s degree from Tel Aviv University and a master’s degree with honors in political science from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a PhD in International Leadership & Diplomacy from Aidan University.

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